Dustin Aviles

Creative Art Director & Marketing

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Dustin Aviles is the Creative Art Director at My Market Squad. He attended Rasmussen College studying Computer Science without really knowing what he truly was passionate about.


By the age of 20, he was not able to return to school due to academic probation. At that point he had to find a full-time job that would help him pay-off his student loans so that he could return to school. Over the years he worked a variety of different jobs. It wasn't easy to accept where his life was, but he always kept a positive mindset. He believe what helped him overcome these obstacles when Dustin surrounded himself with friends who are very supportive and saw potential in him as an artist.  


His brother, Derrick, encouraged him to learn graphic design. In years past by, he have self-taught to learn and gain experience by freelancing and watching YouTube tutorials for designing. He's been fortunate to be surrounded with great friends and talented individuals that have helped him with his journey on becoming a better designer. From that point on, he continued to learn from mistakes as it helped him grow to be a stronger person. The skills he learned throughout his journey, passion, and supportive network motivates and inspires him to be a great leader and team player.


Although he has never graduated college, he hopes to inspire others to pursue their passion despite any difficulties they may encounter in their lives.  He also hopes to empower his clients, friends, and others through positivity and help others grow and work along with him!

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