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Marketing and Advertising

We are the business marketing experts that will help you increase your conversions, while assisting with maintaining the loyalty of your current customers.  We offer both digital and print marketing services!

Digital Marketing


Nearly 88% of those that live in North America and 50% of the population worldwide uses the internet (Internet World Stats, 2017). A majority of your customers are online and it is time to expand your reach and visibility. We use a variety of digital marketing methods that works best for your business.  Below are some examples of the digital marketing services that we offer:

  • Social media marketing:  We work with you to engage your audience with posts and direct traffic from social media platforms to your destination of choice.

  • Email marketing:  Use emails to engage or connect with your customers to market products, services, or deals!  

  • Web analytics:  Work with our team to identify website visitor demographics as well as monitor your digital marketing efforts!  

  • Search Engine Optimization:  With a majority of the web traffic driven by commercial search engines, we can help you optimize your website to better target and increase visibility to your customers.  For example, 72% of customers that did a local search for stores nearby ended up visiting a store within 5 miles of their current location (Wordstream, 2016).

Print Marketing

In addition to digital marketing, we work with you to design creative and impressive advertisements to create a lasting impression on your customers.  Below are some examples of the services that we offer:

  • Page advertisements in publications:  Have us create/design your advertisement!  We will also work with you to publish the advertisement in a printed medium such as newspapers, newsletters, etc.

  • Brochures and fliers:  Work with our team of graphic design professionals to create brochure and fliers that inform, persuade, and/or impress your customers.

  • Coupons:  Who doesn’t like coupons?  We can help you design and distribute your coupons to your customers.